How a Narcissist Affects Child Custody

Child custody disputes are emotionally draining even under the best of circumstances. But if you’re up against a manipulative, gaslighting narcissist who’s willing to use your own kid to hurt you, the fight is going to be even more challenging. You’ll need to be ready for anything!

What to Expect from a Narcissist When Child Custody is on the Line

According to the American Psychological Association, the narcissistic personality is characterized by a grandiose sense of importance that causes an individual to exaggerate their talents and achievements. They’re also unusually preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, beauty, or brilliance, and they demand to be recognized as superior to others, even though their record of accomplishments doesn’t exactly warrant such esteem.

From a custody standpoint, nothing will convince a narcissist they aren’t the best parenting option, even though they habitually place personal gratification above all else, including their child’s welfare. In many cases, a narcissist views winning sole custody as a means of maintaining power and control over their former partner.

How to Fight for Your Child Against a Narcissist

You and your child have probably experienced your fair share of disturbing incidents — including verbal, mental, and even physical abuse — at the hands of your ex. But because the typical narcissist knows how to make a great first impression, getting a family court judge to believe you will take some work.

  • Document Everything: Start a journal documenting every single incident of narcissistic or abusive behavior. Note when the conduct occurred, the triggering incident, and how the episode impacted your child.
  • Save Supporting Documentation: Start a file and save any texts, emails, social media posts, and recordings that show the other parent violating your boundaries or failing to comply with prior agreements.
  • Document What They Fail to Do: Do they routinely miss parent-teacher conferences, sporting events, doctors’ appointments, and school plays? Get signed statements from teachers, coaches, and others who can attest to their absenteeism.
  • Keep Your Own Behavior in Check. The narcissist wants to provoke you and will absolutely use your own bad behavior to hurt you in court. If you get pulled into an argument with your ex, stay calm and refrain from cursing, name-calling, or making threats.

Our Investigators Can Help Prove You’re the Best Parent

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