Protecting Yourself Against Unlawful Abduction in Child Custody Cases

Dealing with Child Custody disputes can be an incredibly challenging and emotional experience. Parents often exert considerable efforts to secure the custody of their child, at times resorting to drastic measures by removing the child from their home or country unlawfully. While this may seem like a viable course of action, it is in fact

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The 12 Factors of Child Custody in Louisiana

Child custody laws and expectations vary from state to state, with each one adding its own nuance and technicalities to how its courts arrive at custody arrangement decisions. Broadly speaking, courts across the U.S. are considering the well-being of the child and the environment where they will most likely thrive. But when you begin to

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How a Narcissist Affects Child Custody

Child custody disputes are emotionally draining even under the best of circumstances. But if you’re up against a manipulative, gaslighting narcissist who’s willing to use your own kid to hurt you, the fight is going to be even more challenging. You’ll need to be ready for anything! What to Expect from a Narcissist When Child

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