Meet The Owner

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“Sly Fox” Brianne Joseph, LPI

Award- winning, internationally recognized Private Investigator,  Trainer & Speaker


Brianne Joseph has been a licensed Private Investigator in the state of Louisiana for 15 years. She is an internationally recognized Private Investigator and has written several published articles about Private Investigation. As a trainer, she educates Investigators world wide as a speaker for the World Association of Detectives, and  has been a guest on several radio shows and tv shows as well. Mrs. Joseph has provided countless hours of surveillance video throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. A true leader, Mrs. Joseph was previously appointed the Region II Director of the Louisiana Private Investigator’s Association. Having worked with other top investigators in the state updating the training manual for new investigators, she has literally helped “write the book” on Private Investigation in Louisiana. 

Her excellence in surveillance and covert operations has allowed her  agency to grow from an idea to a six figure brand, which has now become one of the most sought after agencies in the state of Louisiana.   



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