Child Custody Investigations

Child Custody

Prove court order violations and wrongdoings for the welfare of your child and peace of mind. 

In order to get custody of your child, the burden of proof lies with you. The more evidence you provide,  the more successful you’ll be at winning your custody case. We can follow your child’s other parent, document violations of custody orders, document his/her lifestyle, activities, and interactions, document any signs of endangerment or neglect, identify the potentially dangerous people they associate with and bring in contact with your child. 

In addition, our Child Custody investigators can also help you locate your child’s other parent and serve them legal documents- even if they’ve been avoiding service.

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Your child matters most during a custody battle. At Sly Fox Investigations we offer discreet and confidential surveillance services to help you gather the evidence you need win your case. Our highly trained and experienced investigators can provide you with photographic and video evidence to support your case in court, and we can testify in court on your behalf. Use the ‘Contact Us’ tab above to schedule your free consultation or submit your case today using the link below to see how we can help you protect who you love and cherish the most- your children.

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