Insurance Fraud Investigations

 Nobody suspects a woman. Use our advantage. Undercover investigations is our specialty.

An insurance fraud investigation centers around an individual’s attempt to fraudulently be compensated based on false or excessive insurance claims. Our insurance fraud investigators assist the insurance industry in weeding out the legitimate claims from the fraudulent claims. We covertly document your claimant’s physical abilities and range of motion to help determine the extent of their proclaimed injury. Whether it’s auto insurance fraud or worker’s compensations fraud, we can easily assist with cases in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and the surrounding areas.

Video surveillance is one proven method to reduce your exposure to loss when combating insurance fraud. We offer state of the art video surveillance and professional case reporting.  We always go the extra mile to ensure we don’t miss opportunities to obtain potentially vital evidence for your case. Our investigators are also experienced in testifying in court to support the irrefutable evidence our video surveillance provides.


We are fully insured, our team is reputable, and has a proven track record. Call or submit your case details to today so that we can document the truth regarding your questionable  case and help you bring your case to a successful conclusion.

“Excellent insurance fraud video and court testimony!  Very well prepared!”
– Attorney Antonio “Tony” Clayton, Senior Partner Clayton & Fruge’ Law Firm & Former District Court Judge

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