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Top 3 Ways A Private Investigator Can Help You Win Your Custody Case

Although there are many ways hiring a Private Investigator can have a positive impact on your case, here are the top three services a licensed Private Investigator can provide that will greatly increase the chances of you winning your child custody case:

1. Surveillance


Professional surveillance can be essential to winning your case. Surveillance is an art form, and when conducted properly, it can greatly impact the outcome of your child custody case. When considering surveillance for your child custody case, keep in mind that there are state and federal laws that prohibit unlicensed individuals from conducting surveillance. Never attempt surveillance yourself. Always leave it to the professionals.  Only a licensed Private Investigator can legally follow and gather the information  you need for your child custody case. A Private Investigator can follow the other parent to find out where they work, find out if your child is being safely transported and wearing a seat belt, find out if the parent is smoking around your child, and find out  if the child is kept in a safe environment among other things. Many of our clients claim that their child’s other parent never actually has the child during scheduled visitation. We’ve witnessed several parents drop their child off at a friend or relative’s house for the entire duration of their visitation period. Our licensed child custody investigators have successfully documented this type of behavior and it has proven to be favorable for our clients in court.

2.Documentation Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse

drug abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse can be very difficult to prove in court. Fortunately, our licensed child custody investigators are highly trained and experienced in the proper methods and techniques used to document drug and alcohol abuse. It’s important to hire an experience investigator to collect highly sensitive evidence to ensure that the evidence is admissible in court. Our child custody investigators have helped our clients prove drunk driving and have documented drug transactions on many cases, which in turn have assisted our clients in their efforts to obtain sole custody of their child. We believe that children are the most vulnerable members of our community, and our agency is committed to helping them remain safe and protected.

3. Background Checks

Are you worried that your child’s other parent is bringing your child around shady individuals or bringing your child in environments not suitable for children? If so, our licensed  child custody investigators can help you prove this in court.  Our agency routinely conducts background checks in reference to child custody cases.  A licensed Private Investigator can search past convictions and obtain documents to prove whether or not shady individuals  are pedophiles or drug abusers, whether they have ever received a DUI, locate traffic, civil, criminal or types of convictions that can help the judge decide what circumstances are in the best interest of the child. Record searches can be conducted on both a local and national level. Call our award- winning agency today to get starting with your efforts to help protect your child and win your case. 

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  1. Thanks for mentioning that a private investigator can help you obtain evidence of drug and alcohol abuse. My husband and I are getting divorced because he won’t get help with his alcohol addiction. I think a private investigator could help me prove that his addiction was dangerous to me.

  2. Thanks for mentioning that licensed investigators are great for proving drug and alcohol abuse. I’m in the midst of a child custody case, and I feel like my husband has been using drugs and I don’t think that makes him suitable to take care of our child. I’ll hire a private investigator to see if I can prove that that has happened.

  3. It’s great that this article discussed never conducting your surveillance. Always let the experts handle it. The information you require for your child custody case can only be legally followed and gathered by a licensed private investigator. This pertains to my sister, whose cheating husband and she are currently engaged in a custody dispute. I’ll be sure to share your advice with her so she can hire a reputable private investigator who will conduct an in-depth investigation for her. She wants to ensure that she will have full custody of their child.

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