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Hiring a professional Process Server is an important step in proceeding with your court case. Sly Fox Process Servers have the skill, creativity, and experience to serve your legal documents in a timely and affordable manner and more importantly, serve them in accordance with local and state process serving laws. As certified members of The Louisiana Professional Process Servers Association (LPPSA), we abide by a strict code of ethics and professionalism. Our clients are loyal because they can count on our dependability and they know we will get the job done.

Is your defendant Avoiding service?

Let us get the job done for you! We are the ‘Difficult Defendant Specialists’! We excel at serving elusive individuals who try to avoid service. Call us to discuss creative options designed to guarantee service. Our reputation is great because we pride ourselves on providing you with results. Call us today to see why we are the best in the process serving industry!

Here’s what our Process Service clients have to say about us:

“I am overjoyed with the results Sly Fox Investigations provided for my case. I had been trying to serve my child’s father for 2 years! No one could successfully serve him! Sly Fox Investigations served him in two days! My child support case has finally been able to move forward thanks to this awesome agency! They are simply the best. These women rock!”  Terrica , Baton Rouge, LA.  

“We are located in California, our defendant rushed to New Orleans in an effort to hide from process of service. We expected a long and costly effort to find and serve the defendant, we were not at all confident that we could get her served, and certainly not easily. In addition to a hiding defendant, I also knew that our forms and reporting service to our California courts would be unfamiliar to Louisiana residents, another difficulty that I foresaw. Never mind the distance and choosing an unknown process server in a far away jurisdiction! Sly Fox Investigations defused each of those issues. Payment, no problem. Filing out forms, not a problem, you followed my instructions for California to a tee, when I made a mistake, you saw it and called us – another problem fixed. When the fax transmission was not super clear, again not a problem, you resent it the same day.

I wish you were here in Alameda County, California! Process of Service, you guys did it right the very first time. Nothing to add there. You did your job and more. Sly Fox Investigations was the epitome of efficiency and professionalism, I will not hesitate to hire you again and to recommend you. Keep up the extraordinary service!”

Best, Luis Montes,Attorney At Law, Law Office of Luis M. Montes. Alameda, CA

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