Create your brand and market it confidently

This academy is an 8-week Group coaching intensive that will help you create your brand and market it confidently through a personalized marketing plan and strategy.

8 week academy structure:

Week 1 & 2 Branding 101

Create and define your brand, conduct market research and identify your brand system.

Week 3 & 4 brand messaging

Learn to create and craft your compelling personalized core marketing message.

week 5 & 6 sales process

Learn to establish your sales processes. Learn proper positioning and salesmanship. 

Week 7 & 8 Marketing

Deep dive into how to properly market your brand. Learn about proper marketing materials and create a personalized marketing plan to map out your success. 

Over 25 deep dive trainings and focus sessions
in an 8-week bootcamp

Get all your questions answered in our live Q & A

This academy is not for everyone

This 8 week intensive  is only for serious entrepreneurs who are ready to put in the work to build a successful, profitable brand. 

now enrolling. apply now.

Next 8 week session starts January 2021
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